The staff, guys at the counter, and outside sales people are very helpful and easy to deal with. They keep a wide variety of parts, material, water heaters, etc. Also very competitive prices.

Brett K

Had a great experience. Staff worked with me to replace a part on our bath. The didn’t have the part in stock but had a kit that had it. They sold me the part out of the kit. They showed me how to replace the part. Great Service


Matt Z

Needed a toilet tank lid. They could have sold me a tank with a lid, but they gave me a lid for free. They definitely care more about customer service than making an individual sale.


Daniel W

Great store with excellent customer service. Helpful with great info for us non plumbing types.


Joseph M

This is a great store with excellent customer service. I needed the new Kohler Bellera faucet (K-560 with Docknetik and Sweep spray) and kohler chose not to change model numbers so they could unload remaining inventory. This particular faucet is not available online or lowe’s/home depot. The store manager understood exactly what I wanted, ordered exactly what I wanted, walked me through the installation, and was incredibly knowledgable/helpful. He also took the time to help me troubleshoot a shutoff valve problem on another sink. Kohler makes a great product, the faucet is awesome, and this is the place to purchase. Great staff, local business, will definitely use again.