Consultant Guidelines

In this busy high-tech world we work and live in, time is incredibly valuable to each of us. To make the best use of your time and to ensure undivided attention to your project, please call to schedule an appointment with one of our showroom consultants. This allows you to secure a time that best fits your schedule.

Below are some additional suggestions to assist you and help make your fixture selection appointment more enjoyable:

  • Make a preview visit to browse our¬†showrooms and get ideas about your project before your appointment
  • Know the name of the builder and plumber
  • Know the project address including zip code, lot number and tax jurisdiction
  • Allow 1-3 hours for the consultation, depending on the size of the project
  • Bring the architectural plans or drawings
  • Bring the allowance or the list of fixtures specified
  • Bring samples of the counters, tile, cabinet finish, paint colors, flooring, etc.
  • Bring pictures or magazine cut outs of favorite ideas